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The Dahlkvist String Quartet’s new CD ”Andrea Tarrodi String Quartets” was voted best classical recording of the year 2018 by ”Grammis” Swedish Grammy Award and praised by Swedish media as well as with double 5-star in BBC Magazine. The string quartet was formed in 2007 and has established itself at an international level and as one of the most sought after chamber music groups in Sweden.

Selected “Rising Star” 2012-2013 by Stockholm Concert Hall, the Dahlkvist Quartet performed a concert tour across Europe organised by ECHO (European Concert Hall Organisation) in distinguished concert halls, including Wiener Konzerthaus, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Köln Philharmonie and Bozar Brussels.

In 2009 the quartet’s career took off by winning the Swedish competition ”Ung&Lovande” (Young & Promising), the award being a prestigious concert tour around Sweden with 18 concerts. The quartet made its debut at the Stockholm Concert Hall in January 2011 with a performance of Steve Reich’s “Triple Quartet” and since then they have been a regular guest at the concert hall’s string quartet series. In the spring 2015 the quartet was part of the world premiere of the highly acclaimed ballet Midsummer Nights Dream at the Royal Stockholm Opera House.

The Quartet has participated in several European chamber music festivals, for example in Båstad Chamber Music Festival (2015), the great Beethoven Festival in Krakow, Poland (2014) and at Grankulla Festival in Finland (2013). In 2009 the Royal Swedish Academy of Music awarded the Dahlkvist Quartet their Grand Ensemble Scholarship. The season 2013-2014 The Dahlkvist Quartet pursued a coaching scheme in close connection with the Belcea Quartet from London.

Bartosz, Kersti and Jon all play on instruments on loan from Järnåker Foundation in Stockholm. Bartosz plays an Antonio&Josef Gagliano violin of 1768, Kersti plays a violin by Giuseppe Fiorini from 1923 and Jon is playing a Guiseppe Lucchi from 1976. Hanna ’s own cello is a  Nicolas Vuillaume from ca 1860.

The Dahlkvist Quartet’s repertoire combines the traditional old master works and contemporary repertoire, with a particular focus on Swedish, Nordic and Polish composers. The quartet always aim to bring new music to the stage and several works has been given world premiere by the quartet.


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Bartosz Cajler, violin 1

Bartosz Cajler, violin 1

Kersti Dahlkvist, violin 2

Kersti Gräntz, violin 2

Jon Dahlkvist, viola

Jon Dahlkvist, viola

Hanna Dahlkvist, cello

Hanna Dahlkvist, cello